CORPORATE CULTUREChairman of T&C Group, Nguyen Thanh Cong, firmly believes that "In business, TRUST and COMMITMENT are essential factors for achieving success." Therefore, he always aims to build trust with customers, assuring them that we consistently strive to deliver the best products and services, fully committed to fulfilling our obligations and responsibilities.

Under the second-generation leadership of T&C, the core values of this business philosophy are still upheld but have been adapted to maintain the cohesion and competitiveness of the corporation in today's market. The T&C culture is expressed through the slogan "We bring people and businesses closer together and nurture them to be more than they can be." Accordingly, every member of T&C Group is proactive in embracing change, constantly renewing themselves to break free from limitations and unleash their full potential for the common good.

Built on a family business foundation, the corporate culture and the group's five core values serve as guiding principles. We aspire to create a friendly, collaborative, and empathetic work environment while enhancing T&C's reputation as a reliable, dynamic, and socially responsible partner in the Vietnamese community and society.