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Distribution of Construction and Mining Machinery

  • Exclusive distributor of Volvo construction equipment, Epiroc drill rig and tunneling equipment

Distribution of Industrial Equipment

  • Exclusive distributor of forklifts and intralogistics solutions for STILL
  • Authorized distributor of industrial equipments for Ebara and Baoli

Automotive Distribution and Dealer

  • Honda Cong Hoa is the first Honda auto dealer in Ho Chi Minh City
  • Authorized distributor of Volvo Trucks

Medical Equipment Distribution and Healthcare

  • Specializing in investing in the medical industry, especially in the section of Diagnostic Imaging and Testing
  • Establishment of An Phap rehabilitation specialist clinic implementing Japanese technology and standards
  • Authorized distributor of Siemens Healthineers, Abbott, Canon and Listem

Logistics and Warehousing

  • Warehouse system with an area of more than 17,500m2 in Hanoi and more than 25,000m2 in Ho Chi Minh City

Design Consultancy, Engineering and Construction Project Management

  • Manage construction projects and offer professional engineering and design services across the following major disciplines: mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection

About Us

For almost 30 years of establishment and development, T&C Group has set high standards in Vietnam. Our subsidiaries have always been pioneers in the market across many sectors. It is demonstrated through strategic cooperation with reputable international partners to provide modern equipment and services within the heavy equipment, automotive, logistics, warehousing, and medical equipment industries.


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billion VND


Our Members

T&C Industrial Distribution JSC

Founded in 2006, TCID has gradually become one of Vietnam’s leading companies distributing heavy machinery and equipment.


  • New and used machines trading
  • New and used machines leasing
  • Spare parts trading
  • Maintenance services, engineering consultancy, training, and repairing

Our Members

T&C Machinery & Parts JSC

Through a wide distribution network of construction and mining equipment and an international management system, TCMP has been appointed as an authorized dealer of well-known global brands in the industry.


  • New machines trading
  • Spare parts trading
  • Maintenance services, engineering consultancy, training, and repairing

Our Members

Honda Cong Hoa Auto Dealer

Honda Auto Cong Hoa officially came into operation in September 2006 and is one of the first official distribution agents in Ho Chi Minh City of Honda Vietnam.


  • Sales
  • Services
  • Spare Parts
  • Safety Driving
  • Social Contribution

Our Members

Y Dao Medical Service Consulting Investment Corp

Y Dao is a specialized company investing in the healthcare industry in the section of Diagnostic Imaging.


  • Ho Chi Minh City Medicine and Pharmacy University Hospital
  • District 2 Hospital
  • District 1 Hospital
  • District 5 Health Center

Our Members

T&C Medical Trading and Service JSC

Since 2014, T&C Medical has specialized in providing medical devices, testing chemicals, and medical consumables to hospitals, and domestic and non-public medical facilities.


  • Ho Chi Minh City Medicine and Pharmacy University Hospital – Facility 1
  • Ho Chi Minh City Medicine and Pharmacy University Hospital – Facility 2
  • Mekong Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital
  • Can Tho Central General Hospital
  • Le Van Thinh Hospital
  • Gia Dinh People Hospital

Our Members

An Phap Rehabilitation JSC

An Phap Rehabilitation Specialist Clinic is a pioneer in implementing techniques and technology meeting Japanese standards, providing comprehensive and intensive treatment solutions for musculoskeletal – joint – spine diseases.


  • Rehabilitation Program – Physiotherapy
  • Spinal Decompression Therapy
  • Electrotherapy
  • Laser Therapy
  • Hydro Massage

Our Members

M.E.I Project Engineers & Construction Ltd

Since its establishment in 1995, M.E.I has participated in many important projects related to Vietnam’s infrastructure, energy, and water resources.


  • Project Management
  • MEP Systems Design
  • Supply, Installation and Maintenance
  • Testing and Commissioning

Our Members

T&C Hanoi Warehouse and Forwarding JSC

TCWF was founded in the context of huge demand for warehouse rental and storage of goods of import-export and distribution companies throughout Vietnam


  • Warehouse leasing and services including inventory management, cargo handling, and transportation
  • Self-managed warehouse storage leasing

Our Members

T&C Warehousing and Transportation JSC

Since its inception in 2014, TCWT has steadfastly elevated its status to become a premier and trusted entity within the Logistics and Warehouse Management industry in Ho Chi Minh City.


  • Shared warehousing
  • Self-managed warehousing
  • Value-added services

Our Members

Luc Tinh Technical Trading Service Co Ltd

Luc Tinh (Delta) is one of the first pioneering providers of medical equipment and diagnostic reagents in Vietnam.


  • Medical equipment and in-vitro diagnostic products distribution
  • Chemicals and reagents trading
  • Entrusted import services

Our Members

T&C Trucks JSC

T&C Trucks is the authorized distributor in Vietnam for heavy-duty trucks manufactured by Volvo.


  • Premium heavy-duty trucks trading
  • Spare parts trading
  • Maintenance services, engineering consultancy, training, and repairing

News & Events

Volvo Trucks appoints T&C Trucks as authorized distributor in Vietnam

Volvo Trucks, a global leader in transport solutions, has taken a significant step towards expanding its presence in the Asia Pacific region by appointing T&C Trucks as its authorized Distributor in Vietnam. This marks the first introduction of a European truck brand in the country.

News & Events

SEER cooperates with T&C Industrial Distribution

The cooperation with SEER helps TCID expand its ability to provide superior solutions to clients, participate in the INDUSTRIAL 4.0 revolution, and respond to the government’s call in an effort to promote Vietnam businesses in digital industrial transformation, enhancement of capacity and competitiveness in the new era.

Công ty T&C Industrial Distribution công bố hợp tác với Russell Robotics

News & Events

T&C Industrial Distribution announces new collaboration with Russell Robotics

Established in 2012, Russell Robotics (Russell) is the leading manufacturer of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) in Korea with advanced technology. It provides solutions for smart factories (Intelligent manufacturing) and the logistics industry (Smart logistics).

T&C Industrial Distribution trở thành nhà phân phối chính thức của TuskRobots

News & Events

TCID becomes official distributor of TuskRobots

We are thrilled to announce that T&C Industrial Distribution (TCID) has officially partnered with Guangdong Tusk Robot, becoming the authorized distributor of their groundbreaking robot solutions. TuskRobots is at the forefront of intelligent manufacturing and warehouse automation in China, committed to simplifying and enhancing the handling process.