T&C Industrial Distribution becomes official distributor of TuskRobots

May 25, 2023
We are thrilled to announce that T&C Industrial Distribution (TCID) has officially partnered with Guangdong Tusk Robot, becoming the authorized distributor of their groundbreaking robot solutions.

TuskRobots is at the forefront of intelligent manufacturing and warehouse automation in China, committed to simplifying and enhancing the handling process. As a technology-based rising star enterprise, they have pioneered the development of intelligent robot products with highly adaptable international standard pallet conveying and sorting capabilities.

The world of logistics is evolving rapidly, and TuskRobots is leading the way with their intelligent and adaptable robot products. These robots are designed to optimize pallet conveying and sorting, streamlining operations and reducing manual labor. By leveraging advanced automation and artificial intelligence, TuskRobots enables businesses to achieve higher productivity and improved accuracy in their logistics processes.

Among the groundbreaking products offered by TuskRobots, the E Series Pallet Robot stands out as a revolutionary intelligent robot in the industry. It is a perfect fusion of an AGV-shaped robot and unmanned forklift function, enabling direct pallet handling without the need for additional carriers.

The remarkable feature of the E Series robot lies in its ability to perform challenging movements such as rotating in place and maneuvering at any angle. It excels in supporting extremely narrow passageways and optimizing storage density, resulting in a storage rate increase of at least 30%. With its flexibility and precise movements, the E Series robot effortlessly accesses confined areas and efficiently transports goods. This means businesses can maximize their storage space, enhance productivity, and reduce operational costs.

T&C Industrial Distribution, the official distributor of TuskRobots, takes great pride in introducing the innovative E Series Pallet Robot to Vietnam market. With a commitment to delivering exceptional customer service and tailored logistics solutions, TCID will provide comprehensive support to clients interested in implementing TuskRobots’ intelligent robots into their operations. From initial consultation to installation and ongoing maintenance, TCID will ensure a seamless integration of this revolutionary technology.

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