Volvo Trucks appoints T&C Trucks as authorized distributor in Vietnam

February 24, 2023

Singapore, February 22nd, 2023 – Volvo Trucks, a global leader in transport solutions, has taken a significant step towards expanding its presence in the Asia Pacific region by appointing T&C Trucks as its authorized Distributor in Vietnam. This marks the first introduction of a European truck brand in the country. The signing ceremony was held today in Singapore.

Signed Volvo Trucks 1

T&C Trucks is a subsidiary of T&C Group, a corporation with nearly 30 years of experience in the field of distribution of construction and mining machinery, medical equipment, and automobiles. The company has a proven track record of introducing internationally renowned brands to the Vietnamese market, making it an ideal partner for Volvo Trucks. Adding to their credentials, T&C Group’s subsidiary, T&C Machinery and Parts, has been the exclusive distributor of Volvo Construction Equipment in Vietnam for the past seven years, showcasing not only their expertise in handling Volvo products but also their understanding of the Volvo culture.

Signed Volvo Trucks 2Ms. Anna Engblom, Managing Director of Volvo Trucks SEA & Japan, commented on the new partnership, saying, “We have advanced as a firm significantly during the last few years. Due to our strong collaboration with clients, we were able to successfully satisfy the increased demand for our goods and services. In addition, we have expanded our service offerings, introduced new goods, focused on ongoing upgrades, and enhanced our quality standards. Whilst dominant positions cannot be taken for granted, Volvo Trucks has maintained its position as the top worldwide brand of heavy-duty trucks in the premium market. This strategic move was made in response to the requirement to expand in a crucial market like Vietnam and to collaborate with T&C Group. We observe encouraging trends in important industries like long-haul, and we are certain that this relationship will help us advance the brand in the Vietnamese market.”

Vietnam is one of the most dynamic emerging countries in the East Asia region, with a rapidly growing demand for reliable and efficient transportation of goods. As the first European truck brand to enter the Vietnamese market, Volvo Trucks’ high-quality and durable vehicles are the ideal solution for businesses looking for reliable and efficient transportation of goods. With advanced technology and expertise in logistics and transportation, Volvo Trucks is well-positioned to help improve the country’s transportation infrastructure and overall logistics efficiency. Additionally, the company’s expertise in producing fuel-efficient and environmentally-friendly trucks aligns with Vietnam’s goals towards a greener future.

Signed Volvo Trucks 3

This new partnership between Volvo Trucks and T&C Trucks is expected to positively impact the transportation industry in Vietnam, providing businesses with access to world-class transport solutions that meet their reliability, safety, and efficiency needs.